Good Morning

Good Morning Everyone😍.

I hope that you woke up with an awesome outlook on life this morning. Today, I would to share a situation with you that prompted me to write this post. I recently made the the decision to get braces. I was concerned that the spacing between my two front teeth was increasing.

This insecurity prevented me from smiling in my photos. I didn’t want the world to see my imperfection. I wanted a captivating smilethat would light up the whole room. So on January 18, 2018 my braces were installed.

Over the past several week I am starting to realize that I had a beautiful smile all along. I just never appreciated it enough to share it with the world. We often times chase what WE feel is better, and neglect the awesomeness within ourselves.

I am uniquely designed.

You are uniquely designed.

Embrace YOU.

I have to live with this expensive modification for the next 17 months😔😢😔. I can truly say that I am sad to see me gap go. If I only would have seen the beauty in myself first.

What are you thinking about modifying within yourself ?

Does whatever you are thinking about altering, contribute to your uniqueness?


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