Invisible Me, Invisible Indeed.

I wish there was a way that I could fly far, far away. Away from the constant demands of others. Demands that I see absolutely no value in fulfilling, but then again, it is not about me, it’s about the team.

So I will maintain a positive attitude (even though I want scream), and play my position to the best if my ability. Because failure is not an option. I owe it to others as well as myself to put my best foot forward, and execute effectively. I believe that overcoming these visible obstacles will be a true test and an indicator of my ability to handle my own businesses (yes 2 me please).

I am just a woman trying to make it through a crappy day, and recognize my blessings inspite of the negativity nest looming over my desk. This too shall pass.

How is your day going? I hope a lot better than mine LBVS.


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